A Good turn out at the
BC Challenge

It was one wet Saturday morning that turn sunny in the early afternoon on August 20th 2011. A traffic jam on I-94 slowed the traffic down and worried some chess players that they might be late for the first round or not making it to the registration. When the chess tournament started, the total number of players registered to play were fifty-nine! Total for the Open section was thirthy-three which include three masters and five experts. Sixteen players in the Reserve section and ten in the Rated Beginner Open section.

The first round ended with only one draw in the Open section and three draws in the Reserve section. The rest of the results from all section ended up in a won/loss result but two major upsets happened in the Open section. Bob Gallenberg showed that he should not be under estimated with, as Bob scored a victory against Neil Gleason with a 381 point difference upset! Also, Thomas Fogec had a 380 point upset victory against Aaron Jing. The end result was Gallenberg won the upset prize over Fogec by a point!

Things got heated up in the Second round. The top three boards was a battle of Masters vs. Experts. Expert Brady Harder brought his A game and defeated Master Aleksanda Stamnov. While Master Williams and Expert Murphy drew. Also, a draw came from Expert Zhou against Master Parker. Only one more draw and no other major upset in the Open section. The Reserve section had one draw that came from the top board, but not to forget the two big upsets that came from Mitchell Andersson against Dean Sydlewski and Anupama Rajendra against Jon McKinney.

In the Rated Beginner Open, only one upset happened and it was recorded in the first round. Out of all the sections, the Rated Beginner Open was the most energetic section. I do not know if anyone in the Rated Beginner Open spent more than fifteen minutes on their clocks but it was a fast pace section. The Open and Reserve section players mainly took all the time they had for their hard fought battles.

After two rounds of blunders, traffic jams, high speed racers on a open lane, and other exciting games from all of these chess wizards, I have included a prediction that rising star Brady Harder will get the perfect score and become the next Chess Master. After round three started, one major distraction happened at the beginning of the round. This one player decided to wait for the worst time to drop out of a tournament, and in result I had to pair two players that have already played each other, just to play each other again as an extra game.

Besides the distraction, round three is in progress and all the players in the Rated Beginner Open section still have a lot of energy. The other sections looked like they could use that energy as a lot of players were blundering and their opponent were missing the big opportunities for tactical victory! Seeing some of these players trying to recover their energy by having caffeinated energy or coffee drinks, but still not able to get their energy that they desire.

In the Open section, five Experts and one Master are taking up the top three boards. Waller won against Jin, Paitrick won against Harder, and Williams won against Zhou. The only upset in the Open section in this round came from Yuanqi Cai defeating Michael Shefsky. In the Reserve section, Anupama Rajendra is on a roll with a perfect score of three after defeating Daniel Kaczmarek. Lots of upsets happened in the Reserve coming from Rajendra, Andersson, Soni, and Ellen Wanek. Ellen Wanek now takes the lead with the biggest upset in the section with 180 point upset victory against Abhyudhaya Venkat.

Round four was on its way and the Rated Beginner Open won the race against the Open and Reserve section. In the Rated Beginner Open, Ernest Lu won the U500 trophy, While Adam Klager won U700 Trophy. Top three finishers in the Rated Beginner Open were Tony Tu in first, Stephen Lu in second, and Albert Lu in third. In the Reserve section, Anupama Rajendra took home the top prize with a perfect score of 4! Andersson draws his game and shares second place with Bevans. Soni Takes U1200 prize and Wanek takes the upset prize.

Now for the boring Open section, Just Kidding!! Leaders of the pack Waller and Paitrick drew their game. Board two was the battle of the Masters. Williams had White against Parker in a very unbalanced material game. Parker, with little time left, pulled the rabbit out of the hat to secure the victory! Expert Haubrich defeated Expert Murphy on board 3. Neil Gleason, who donated
rating points and gave the 381 point upset lead to Gallenberg in the first round, decided to go for broke in his fourth round game. Neil Gleason took on the giant Master Stamnov, and found all the right moves to overcome his donation and reclaim the upset prize by defeating Stamnov with a 392 point difference!

Overall, the Open section had a four way tie for first(Waller, Paitrick, Parker, and Haubrich). Class A and the upset prize went to Neil Gleason!!! Andrew Grochowski is all alone, winning the U1800 prize! I wanna thank everyone for participating in this exciting event and will see you all next time!